Reflection: BEING The Technical Leader of Apartsa

Being the technical leader of Apartsa is one of the most impressive memories in my undergraduate life. Together we build projects, we share experience, and we grow.

A Tough Summer

In the summer of 2020, Joey asked me if I could help her lead the Apartsa technical team. Since I have ever led some small projects before, I accepted. What is beyond my expectation is that I was the only person on the technical team. The former team members had graduated and left us the websites and source codes only.

Apartsa is a well-known startup based in CUHK(SZ). The initial team started it in 2016 and operated its website, official account, and mini-program for 3 years. However, since most of the team members had graduated in 2020, Joey became the leader of the new team, and the worst thing was that, we did not have technical members. But anyway, I took the responsibility to maintain the IT service.

My first responsibility was to fix bugs on the Course Evaluation app when enrolling in the summer session. With my debugging skills as an experienced USTF, I fixed several bugs myself but still felt lonely. I found Mr. Yang, a student at CUHK(SZ) and the founder of the TeaBreak team, to help me. He did a great job fixing most bugs that summer. And then, he started his TeaBreak project and left Apartsa. I was alone again.

New Members, Excellent Members

In September 2020, we recruited our new technical members, and several excellent members join us. They are Ruiyu Zhou, Chen Chen, Yuxuan Liu, and Shuqing He. Moreover, Jingyi Sun and Yanbing Fang joined us in the following months as well. Some other members have left, and I do not list them here.

I am amazed by their impressive potential and capability. To train them with the web development knowledge, I gave each member one month to learn the knowledge like React and Flask and they did a good job. We met every week to share our progress and I could see they improve themselves every day.

I am fortunate to have them as my members because I learn a lot from them. We have a weekly sharing that one member shares his or her knowledge or experience with others. All members take it seriously, and I believe everyone has benefited significantly from it. Although we may have different programming levels, we are talented in different technologies to always learn new things.

Another excellent project is the intern experience sharing forum. Each week, we invite one senior student to share their internship experience in a big-name company. We have invited students from Tencent, Ping An, ByteDance, OPPO, PingCAP, and Singularity DB. By chatting with excellent students in different areas and companies, we have broadened our horizons. And more importantly, most of our members are freshmen and sophomores, so they will definitely have more choices when they graduate.

Future Plan

In my opinion, the best way to groom new leaders is to let them try without many restrictions, so when I assign projects for them, I will do most research before the assignment but provide little help to them. If I am confident that they can solve the problems themselves, I will give them some hints and require them to explore independently. Only in this way will they improve.

Since I will graduate this summer, I will no longer lead the technical team; but I will always be an advisor of Apartsa. I am confident that our new technical leader(s) will lead Apartsa technical team well, cultivate potential geeks, and build more excellent products. I will be delighted to see them be excellent engineers and leaders in the future.

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