Decided: EPFL MSCS!

Today, I decide to accept EPFL’s Master of Computer Science offer and become an EPFL student this August!

Confirmation of My EPFL MSCS Offer

Obviously, 2020 and 2021 are challenging years. Our world suffers from COVID-19 and the stressful relationship between China and the USA. Fortunately, I received offers of EPFL MSCS, NUS CS Ph.D. (unofficial), and CUHK CS Ph.D. (unofficial). I would like to share with you my whole application process as well as my precious 4-year experience at CUHK(SZ) in my following posts:

  1. WHY I choose CUHK(SZ).
  2. HOW I keep active learning.
  3. BEING a software developer.
  4. BEING the technical leader of Apartsa.
  5. FIRST research experience: Ride-sharing project with Dr. Yupeng Li.
  6. HOW I think about AI.
  7. FIRST system’s research experience With Prof. Yeh-Ching Chung.
  8. HOW I apply to graduate schools.
  9. HOW I reach out Ph.D. opportunities.
  10. If you have suggestions, please ask me!

If you would like to get the latest post, send me an email to, and I will notify you of new updates.

PS: the Chinese version would be post after the English one.

These are my personal website and LinkedIn in case you would like to know more about my background.

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